Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Store of Happiness and the 4 Steps to Achieve It

The 4 Steps to Achieve the Store of Happiness

Step #1: Open a Store of Happiness by giving happiness to others whom we meet in our day-to-day interactions, especially starting from our home, our parents, our siblings, and at school - our teachers, friends, etc.

Step #2: We don't wish to hurt others, but we hurt others because we are hurt by others. Our chit is unhappy, making us see images of instances where we were hurt, resulting in us giving unhappiness to others. If we bring happy events before our chit then it is easy to give and share happiness with others from our Store of Happiness.

Step #3: The initial investment of our Store of Happiness is Prarthana (prayers), thereby showing them (the boys) in the morning - start the day by spreading happiness to all. Also, if we see negative attributes (weaknesses, bad habits, etc) we, without getting disturbed, starting praying to the inner soul residing in that person with full positive bhaav (inner intent) to free him/her from that negative attribute. Also the meaning of 'bhaav partisthat' as Pujyashree explains in satsangs was conveyed to the youth and the importance of living with a positive attitude.

Step #4: Despite our wish to spread only happiness, we still tend to hurt others by our mind, speech, and body due to our wrong believes that we've gathered in our past lives. So, at the end of the day, we should review where we gave unhappiness to others and made a 'loss' in our Store of Happiness (profit = giving happiness); repent; and do Pratikraman (as for forgiveness) from the inner soul of that person(s).

Thus, by following these 4 simple steps in our daily lives, it is easy to increase the profit of our new venture and live an extremely joyous life.

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  1. Very Good.., i will surely follow this four steps. hai dada bhagwan, give us strength to follow this four steps sincerily.


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