Thursday, July 9, 2009

Launch of Dada Bhagwan Young Boys Group

Jsca to all youth boys!!

We have launched this blog to help all of us progress in Dada's Vignan, become friends, and get our daily problems and questions solved. Here is a video of that covers the main things that are going to be going in this group.


  1. JSCA Chinchu

    I cannot access the video, could you send me another link.

    JSCA Chinchu

  2. jsca

    i think you might need to refresh the page...because i can see it on my mine.

    above is the link to the post.

    Also, remember to follow the blog. You are a member of Egroup...but you need to follow the blog.

    jsca mahatma



Youth Facebook Page

Below is the youth Facebook Page.